A burst of high quality pre-clinical candidates driven by AI platforms

AI driven Pipelines are supposed to be much more efficient: faster, cost effective, with better efficacy, less toxicities. AI platforms are also supposed to solve traditionally difficulty diseases, like metabolic disorders and age-related diseases.

Note that we can already manipulate the images in a way that smart enough for time-lapse changes, expressions, decorations and etc. Image that we also will be able to manipulate the small molecules toward the direction that the properties and activities are we wanted.


Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is a chronic, progressive disease characterized by hepatic steatosis, balloon-like changes, diffuse hepatic lobular mild inflammation, and central hepatic vein, collagen deposition around the sinusoids, fibrosis and cirrhosis. We identified a novel target for NASH and found four compounds exhibit compelling efficacy.


WHO’s report in 2016 stated that nearly 2 billion adults worldwide were overweight and, of these, more than half a billion were obese. Both overweight and obesity have shown a marked increase over the past 4 decades. We now have four various compounds can significantly reduce bodyweight.


Gout and hyperuricemia are purine metabolic disorders leading to abnormal accumulation of uric acid in the body, causing inflammation as well as gouty arthritis and uric acid nephrolithiasis. We have found novel template against XOD and have competitive effects compared with current clinical drugs.


Aging is a process in which an organism suffers from a rising risk of death accompanied by a progressive decline in functional and physiological integrity. We have found a compound that can extend the residual mean (median) lifespan by 219.1 (64.6) days in male (female) C57BL / 6J mice, approximately 55.6% (23.1%). It’s much longer than metformin (59 days) and NMN (39 days). In this project, we also identify a novel target for combating aging.

Tendon Healing

Tendon injury is the major factor for an athlete to halt his / her career. The effective drug to help the tendon healing is in urgent needs, while it’s still a big challenge. We have found the drug candidate together with supporting materials to formulate a full treatment solution.


Cancers are fatal diseases. Target based pipelines have made great progresses. We have specific perspective on the shoulder of AI. We have found some compound can promote the efficacy of PDL1 treatment.